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Eyeglasses are a common way to correct your vision when you have vision issues. When you are trying to get just the right pair of glasses, the number of designs available can mean that the choice can be a bit overwhelming. Where do you start? There are a few criteria that you can use to help narrow down the choices until you've found your perfect pair. When you need eyeglasses, our team at Focus Vision Optometry is here to help. We have offices in Beaumont, Calimesa, San Jacinto, and Redlands Heights, CA.


Eyeglasses Colors

Eyeglasses frames come in just about every color imaginable, and that can choose a color seems difficult. Many people simply choose a favorite color and leave it at that. However, not every color will make you look your best. There are a variety of colors that won't go well with your own coloring, and these have to be eliminated when you are making your choice of eyeglass frames.

The best way to do this is to choose a few colors and hold each of them up to your skin and hair to see how well they go with each. Some colors will clash and look unflattering against your coloring. When you find a color that does this, you can eliminate it. This allows you to narrow down the colors until you find your ideal color.


Eyeglasses Shapes

Another highly important factor in the eyeglasses you choose is the shape of the frames. They can be rectangular, circular, ovular, square, etc. When you look at frames that are in your chosen color, pay attention to the shape of the front part of the frames. The shape should go well with the shape of your face. Like frames, faces come in a wide range of shapes.

The ideal shape of a face is an oval, and the frames that you choose should make your face look more like one. For instance, if you have a square or rectangular face, getting frames that are round or oval may help soften the square edges and make your face have a more ideal shape. You can easily narrow down the choices by eliminating shapes that don't go well with your face and fail to create a harmonious look.

Get Your Eyeglasses at Focus Vision Optometry

To get your eyeglasses, you need a fresh vision prescription. Schedule your next eye exam at one of our eye care centers in Beaumont, Calimesa, San Jacinto, and Redlands Heights, CA. Call our team today at (888) 505-4555 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.