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You may be considering a LASIK procedure as a permanent solution to correct your vision. At Focus Vision Optometry, we provide pre and post-op care for LASIK surgery in Calimesa, San Jacinto, Redlands, and Beaumont, CA. It's natural to have a few questions about the procedure. Let’s look at some common questions that we receive about LASIK.


How Does LASIK Work?

LASIK is a laser procedure used to reshape the cornea and correct eye issues like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Is LASIK Safe?

LASIK has been proven as a safe and effective procedure. It's essential to have a thorough consultation with an optometrist to determine if LASIK is the right choice.

Does LASIK Hurt?

There is no pain associated with a LASIK procedure. You are given anesthetic drops to numb the eye before the procedure. You may feel pressure or a sensation around the eye. Many patients report a gritty feeling in the eyes for a few hours, but most experience almost no pain. You will be given a prescription pain reliever, but many people only need over-the-counter Advil or Tylenol and some rest.

How Long Does LASIK Take?

The actual LASIK procedure is very short. It only takes about ten minutes per eye. Depending on your prescription, the laser portion can be less than one minute to correct your vision.

Do I Blink During the Procedure?

Many people fear blinking during the process. However, we take strides to ensure it's not a problem. Your eyes are held open with a holder to prevent you from blinking. You'll watch a blinking target light, and the laser will adjust to any small movements that your eyes make.

How Long is Recovery?

Recovery is generally pretty quick, and it does not usually go beyond a few days. Many patients resume their normal activities within one or two days of surgery. However, it may take several weeks for your vision to stabilize fully.

How Soon Can I Drive?

You will want to arrange to have someone drive you home after the surgery and your post-operative appointment the following days. Most patients can drive on the second day.

Contact Focus Vision Optometry for Your LASIK Consultation

Our eye doctors at Focus Vision Optometry are here to answer all of your questions about the LASIK procedure. If you live in or around Calimesa, San Jacinto, Redlands, or Beaumont and are considering LASIK to correct your vision issues, call our team today at (888) 505-4555 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.